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I am Ryan Dean and I created DVP.


Firstly I created DreamviewProduction because I felt the need for a new way of recording. A need for a new way of running a recording label along with a number of reasons of which all I believe to be as equally as important as each other. 

So now, for the sheer fact of time and not to bore you to death, I am going to give you the main four.


I wanted to give people a place that is affordable. A place that people can come back to and grow, expand on their artistry and familiarise themselves working in a studio and with a mic. (Without breaking the bank)


I wanted to create a difference in normal studio hire. I wanted to give more to the people that wanted to create magic. So deciding that I was not going to charge separately for the hire of the studio and the hire of me made more sense in order to help save people money and let the artist-run with their creativity with another mind there with them putting their idea's altogether. 


I wanted a label that is simple and runs the necessities in order to get the artist and the artists music distributed. A place where the artist's vision, creativity and growth is nurtured and not unnecessarily manipulated. 


I wanted to start a Record Label for people who deserve to be heard.


A place for people who would not get a chance to be seen, heard or even afford studio time.


A place not taken over by money or the greedy need to exploit talented artist.


A single place where everything goes out and in.


I needed to create a place where people, artists can work, grow, learn and succeed together with a recording label that not only cherishes and loves their creative mind but also supports their vision of them.


Have a song you want to record?

Book your studio time now and I will be there personally to ensure everything goes smoothly and you get everything you want recorded! 


Have ideas in your head but don't want to just buy a song of youtube to then be stuck with a beat that is not designed for you?

Doesn't move in the way you need it to?


I thought of a better way!


Booking a session gives you a few things, instead of just hiring the studio like a studio booking you are hiring me as a producer and the studio.

In a session, I will create your song there and then. I will create to your taste ensuring that the product is customised to you personally.

The best thing about a session is you don't have to buy the beat there and then. I provide an option to sign a music rights agreement (A agreement that states I own the music and can't be used unless purchased from me) So you can then take the beat and the work done on the beat home, take a listen and decide if you want it. I think it's great to have the option to take some time and be able to explore what you can do and would want to do before buying a beat.           

Get in touch with us via our contacts page below.

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 Someone, to master your music?
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